Getting started with infusion therapy

When your doctor or healthcare provider refers you to Option Care for home or alternate site infusion therapy, members of your dedicated team will contact you to start the intake process. This process includes verifying insurance coverage and conducting an initial assessment.


Your doctor or healthcare provider will refer you to Option Care to receive home or alternate site infusion therapy. Like other prescriptions, your insurance coverage will need to be verified. Fortunately, you have an experienced team of professional reimbursement specialists ready to work for you. Option Care is contracted with more than 800 health plans, including commercial, employer, and Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Our specialists will work with you to help you find available financial assistance for charges that may not be covered.


  • 准备好您的基本信息,包括家庭住址、出生日期和保险卡。
  • 准备好您的医师处方信息,包括您的病史和医师诊室的任何指示的详细信息。

Option Care 客户服务代表会联系您以审查您的保险范围并确认您的信息。他们将解释保险授权过程,然后联系您的保险公司,以验证您的保险赔偿费,为您的治疗获得保险授权。这一步对接受治疗至关重要,需要花些时间。

Once insurance authorization has been obtained, our customer service representative will review your insurance benefits with you and discuss any copays that may be your responsibility. Option Care will bill your insurance and assist you in setting up you My Option Care account to manage your financial responsibility securely online.

Before your first infusion therapy session

在我们核实您的保险时,一名 Option Care 药剂师也会联系您以进行初步评估。您的药剂师会向您询问关于您目前和过去的病史,并询问有关安排护理、提供药物和用品、家庭环境以及您可能有的任何其他特殊需求的问题。

Once insurance authorization has been obtained, your infusion pharmacist will help your doctor select and obtain your infusion medicine and supplies, and your dedicated infusion nurse will schedule your first visit to deliver your medication and supplies.


Our infusion nurses are highly skilled in treating a variety of conditions. During your first visit, your infusion nurse will:

  • Help you understand the basics of infusion therapy
  • Provide and review with you medicines and supplies for infusion
  • 教会您如何正确地存放、处理和管理您的药物
  • 监控和管理您的输液以确保您的安全
  • 教您了解潜在副作用以及如何避免或应对这些副作用
  • 评估您的环境,询问您的状况以监测您的进展