Option Care Selected as Provider of RELiZORB for Patients Requiring Nutritional Support


Option Care 被选定为史无前例改善消化的产品供应商,该产品面向患复杂病症需要营养支持的患者

DEERFIELD, Ill.Option Care Enterprises, Inc., a leading national provider of home and alternate treatment site infusion services, has been selected as the contracted provider of RELiZORB™ (immobilized lipase), which helps patients with complex medical conditions digest and absorb the “essential fats” they receive through enteral nutrition (tube feeding). Relizorb is manufactured by Alcresta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


What is RELiZORB™

Recently approved as a de novo device by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Relizorb is a first-of-its-kind digestive enzyme cartridge designed to mimic the normal pancreatic function by breaking down fats in enteral tube feeding formula. By breaking down these fats prior to ingestion, Relizorb allows for the delivery of increased absorbable calories from fatty acids and monoglycerides to adults who are partially or completely unable to breakdown and absorb fats. Relizorb has been shown to break down 90 percent of fats in most enteral feeding tube formulas, including the most difficult to breakdown long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are critical for growth and development.

“We’re so pleased to be chosen to provide such an innovative product, which we believe can improve the quality of life for patients in need of nutrition therapy,” said Kimberly Petruccelli, PharmD, MBA, clinical program manager of specialty infusion programs for Option Care. “Our registered dietitians have extensive experience and expertise caring for patients in need of complex therapies, including enteral nutrition, and can ensure they receive the highest level of care.”

Option Care & RELiZORB™

Option Care 凭借其通过营养支持项目提供个性化治疗,遵循多学科患者护理团队方法,在每一个分支机构中都配备有一名注册营养师,而当选为 Relizorb 的提供者并为其用药提供支持。作为全美最大的家庭和备选医疗站点输液服务提供者之一,Option Care 有能力通过其遍及全美的 92 家输液药房提供安全有效的营养护理。

“Option Care 将发挥关键作用,通过其营养师引领的患者护理团队,将 Relizorb 带给患者,” Alcresta 首席执行官 John Tucker 表示。“该公司在提供高品质护理方面具有良好的业绩记录,对患者、支付方和医疗保健提供者有着全国性的影响力,因此是理想的合作伙伴。”

“Option Care 很荣幸已被 Alcresta 选为 Relizorb 的首选供应商,我们致力于让该产品成为患者、医疗保健提供者和支付方的便捷选择,” Option Care 业务发展副总裁 Matthew Deans 说。“我们相信,在与生物制药厂商合作研发定制临床管理项目时,我们能够增加患者获得新疗法的机会。我们的首要任务是让患者获得医治的全部治疗效果,这可以提高满意度,改善疗效,降低护理的总成本。”

关于 Option Care

Option Care Enterprises, Inc., offers clinical care provided by specially trained infusion nurses, pharmacists and dietitians who treat patients with a wide range of acute, chronic and rare conditions. As one of the nation’s largest providers of home and alternate treatment site infusion services, Option Care has 92 infusion pharmacies and 110 alternate treatment sites across the country. Learn more at www.OptionCare.com.

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