Option Care 被选定为专门为遗传因子 X 缺乏症提供治疗的第一家也是唯一一家服务机构


Information on Hereditary Factor X DeficiencyDEERFIELD, Ill.Option Care Enterprises, Inc., an independent infusion services company, has been selected as a contracted provider of Coagadex® (Coagulation Factor X Human), the first and only treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration specifically for hereditary factor X deficiency, a rare and serious bleeding disorder. Coagadex is manufactured by Bio Products Laboratory, Ltd.

Coagadex is an injectable medication provided to patients with hereditary factor X deficiency for the controlling of bleeding episodes or management of surgery-related bleeding. An inherited disorder that prevents the blood from clotting as it should, factor X deficiency currently affects approximately 300 to 600 men and women in the United States. Previously, no specific coagulation factor replacement therapy was available for patients with this condition.

作为全美最大的家庭和备选治疗站点输液服务(包括出血性疾病管理)提供者之一,Option Care 获选提供和支持 Coagadex 的配药,因为它有能力向接受复杂病况治疗的患者提供高品质的临床支持。该公司有能力通过其位于美国各地的 92 家输液药房和 110 个备选医疗站点为任何地点的遗传因子 X 缺乏症患者提供服务。

”我们很荣幸能与出血性疾病社区合作,致力于为这些患者提供最高品质的护理。“Option Care 出血性疾病项目主管 Joan Couden 说道。”我们经过专门培训的护士和药剂师在护理罕见和复杂的出血性疾病患者方面经验丰富。我们的团队通过安全地提供治疗、监测患者进度并与其医生密切合作,确保我们的患者体验到最佳的疗效。“

Coagadex was approved by the FDA on Oct. 20 for on-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes and for management of bleeding before, during and after surgery in patients with mild hereditary factor X deficiency. It was granted orphan product designation, which is given to promote the development of drugs intended to treat rare diseases. The approval of the purified factor X concentrate increases therapy options for patients with hereditary factor X deficiency, with the goal of replacing their missing X factor without adding other clotting factors they don’t need.

”Option Care 为患者提供高品质、高接触的医疗保健服务的经验,使它能够与生物制药制造商共同开发项目,以管理和推进患者护理。“Option Care 业务发展副总裁 Matthew Deans 表示。”这些制造商将 Option Care 视为理想的合作伙伴,因为我们在有效管理医患关系方面具有良好的业绩记录,以帮助确保接受治疗的患者拥有成功的疗效,这其中就包括不仅是偏爱、更是必须接受医疗保健专业化管理的患者。“

关于 Option Care

Option Care Enterprises, Inc.(前身为 Walgreens Infusion Services)由经过专门培训的输液护士、药剂师和营养师提供临床护理,医治各式急性、慢性和罕见疾病的患者。作为全美最大的家庭和备选医疗站点输液服务提供者之一,Option Care 在美国各地拥有 92 家输液药房和 110 个备选医疗站点。有关详情请访问 www.OptionCare.com

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