Chronic Inflammation Treatment with Infusion Therapy


Option Care 是为成功治疗慢性炎性疾病患者提供创新输液疗法的领导者。我们可让患者和治疗服务提供者选择接受治疗的地点——在我们的门诊输液室 (AIS) 或在患者家中。凭借 40 多年的经验,Option Care 的专业临床医师每年为患者管理超过 100,000 次生物疗法的输液。

Option Care conducted an independent Infliximab infusion safety study. Our results confirm previously published findings that home and ambulatory infusion suites (AIS) are safe settings for Infliximab administration¹. After treating 291 unique patients, representing 1,866 infusions over the course of two years, none of the infusions were associated with a severe adverse drug event.

参考文献:1. Valdez R PM, McCabe R. Safe home-care administrations of infliximab. Gastroenterology. 2001;120(5(S1)):A-621.

Learn how Option Care is improving the lives of patients with Infusion Therapy for Chronic Inflammatory Disorders.

提供治疗慢性炎性疾病 (CID) 输液疗法的显著行业领导者

Option Care is contracted with national, regional and local payers including all state BCBS plans.  Our specialists help throughout the enrollment process from insurance verification to prior authorization and billing of services.  They also coordinate with patient assistance programs to minimize patient’s out of pocket expense for chronic inflammatin treatment.

许多慢性炎性疾病 (CID) 输液都可以在门诊输液室 (AIS) 或在家中得到安全的医治。我们根据每位患者的具体需求定制了慢性炎性治疗计划。我们的药剂师会进行全面的病例回顾,并在需要时与处方医师和医疗保健服务机构协商,以确保选择适当的药物或建议对治疗进行调整。我们采用既定的方案来满足您的需求,同时帮助您获得最佳的治疗效果。

专科护士在整个输液疗法过程中监测和跟踪患者的状况。Option Care 将患者状况的不良变化通报给医师,并在医师或医疗保健提供者指定的时间间隔内提供常规更新。

Option Care infusion nurses counsel patients and caregivers on infusion, self-care and monitoring tools, and proper hygiene maintenance before, during and after chronic inflammation treatment. When it comes to infusion therapy our dedication to optimal outcomes allows patients to achieve their health care goals. Option Care provides 24/7 patient support with experienced clinicians.