Option Care Women’s Health provides quality care for high-risk obstetrical patients in the home setting.

Our highly trained staff offers comprehensive education for expectant monthers, individualized treatment plans and nursing support for a broad range of Women’s Health therapies. In addition, our 24/7 call center means that OB nurses are only a phone call away when a patient or family member has a question or concern.

Option Care 女性健康服务包括:

Infusion Therapy for Nausea and Vomiting
  • 剧吐、脱水、吸收不良和营养不良的管理

  • 通过供送泵提供昂丹司琼(皮下注射或 PICC)

  • 通过供送泵提供甲氧氯普胺(皮下注射或 PICC)

  • 全肠外营养 (TPN)

  • 通过外周静脉 (IV) 或外周静脉中心静脉置管 (PICC) 导管补充水分

  • 己酸羟孕酮注射 (IM)

  • 通过自动注射器进行己酸羟孕酮 (Makena®) SQ 注射

  • 每周由技术熟练的护士访视并给药

  • 能够将药品直接运送到医疗提供者的诊疗室进行诊疗室内给药*

Diabetes in Pregnancy - Option Care
  • 对不需要使用胰岛素的患者进行管理和全面的糖尿病教育

  • 胰岛素项目:管理和全面的糖尿病教育,包括胰岛素自身给药指导

  • 关于妊娠期高血压和子痫前期的全面教育

  • 由产科注册护士进行血压监测以及每日电话数据评估




MAKENA 是 AMAG Pharma USA, Inc. 的注册商标。

Is IV Therapy Safe While Pregnant?

Infusion treatments (using an IV to administer fluids or medication) is effective for treating a variety of conditions including Hyperemisis (severe or prolonged vomiting as a condition of pregnancy) as well as gestational diabetes and even hypertension.