Option Care is one of the leading providers of home infusion and alternate site infusion services in the nation. With more than 1800 clinical experts, Option Care is able to provide services to nearly all patients nationwide through more than 85 infusion pharmacies and 100 alternate treatment sites. We treat patients with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, resulting in high-quality outcomes at a significantly reduced cost.

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毫不奇怪,从 2012 年到 2022 年,医疗保健和社会援助行业的就业人数预计也将增长 29%,在十年内增加近 500 万个就业岗位。这一预期的增长为 Option Care 和坚定的专业人士提供了巨大的机会。我们为全美各地的几乎所有家庭输液患者提供服务的能力,使我们能够通过提供卓越而实惠的护理来满足这一日益增长的需求,完成我们的使命,并为人们的生活带来积极的改变。

Option Care 在改变医疗保健和患者生活方面处于领先地位。在 Option Care 就业可让您成为我们使命中的一个组成部分,在您追求自己目标的同时赋予患者自主权。

在这里,您将加入由专业人士组成的团队,致力于通过创新型、以患者为导向的家庭或备选站点护理,对医疗保健产生积极的影响。无论您是护士、药剂师、患者服务专家、IT 专业人士,还是刚毕业的学生,我们都能为您提供实现个人抱负的职位,让您在一个以富有意义的福利和奖励回报员工贡献的培养环境中发挥作用。

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“We are creating an environment where people can be widely successful in the work that they choose to do.”

John Rademacher, CEO